Thursday, February 6, 2014

Buffalo Mob in the News

Have you heard about the Buffalo Mass Mob?  They are a mixed bag of folks who form a flash mob every few months to bring attention to their city’s many beautiful old churches.  According to their blog, they “hope to create more awareness and appreciation for sacred sites in Western New York through the simple act of experiencing them in their intended purpose and encourage people to attend Mass more at Buffalo’s historic churches.”

So far they’ve mobbed St. Adalbert Basilica and Our Lady of Perpetual Help  (above).  Most of these churches never see a packed house unless it’s Palm Sunday or Easter.  It must be a thrilling sight.  It’s what these churches were built for, after all.  
The Mass Mob picks their church through on-line voting at their blog and they promote the event through Twitter and Facebook.  Their next mob will happen on March 23.  You can learn about their plans on their blog.  Good luck, mobsters!


Christopher Byrd said...

I am one of the organizers of Buffalo Mass Mob...thanks for the shout out! God bless!

Janice said...

What a great story. Brian and I go to different churches and different masses to experience different priest, choirs, churches and communities. This idea is even more fun. I hope it catches on.